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Highlights of the Award Ceremony at ICCAD

The 2017 CAD Contest Award Ceremony was successfully held on November 13, 2017. Please click to watch the Highlights of 2016 CAD Contest at ICCAD.

You may click the following links to see the Video shows of the Top 3:
1. Video Shows of Problem A
2. Video Shows of Problem B
3. Video Shows of Problem C

You may also click the following links to see the presentations of our contest chair and topic chairs in the Award Ceremony at ICCAD:
1. Introduction to 2017 CAD Contest at ICCAD (Opening)
2. Presentation of Problem A
3. Presentation of Problem B
4. Presentation of Problem C

Special Announcement: Congratulations to the Winners of 2017 CAD Contest at ICCAD
Thank you to everyone who participated in 2017 CAD Contest at ICCAD. We are delighted to announce the Top 3 winners of our contest. Congrats to:

First Place of Problem A
Dao Ai Quoc–National Chung Cheng University
Advisor: Prof. Mark Po-Hung Lin, Dr. Alan Mishchenko
Team name: CCU EDA Resyn

Second Place of Problem A
He-Teng Zhang–National Taiwan University
Advisor: Prof. Jie-Hong Roland Jiang
Team name: Hilbert

Third Place of Problem A
Yusuke Kimura, Peikun Wang, Yukio Miyasaka, Kentaro Iwata, Xingming Le, Xiaoran Han–The University of Tokyo
Advisor: Prof. Amir Masoud Gharehbaghi, Prof. Masahiro Fujita
Team name: depag

First Place of Problem B
Shuo-Hui Wang, Yan-Yu Su, Wei-Liang Wu, Guan-Hong Liou–National Chung Cheng University
Advisor: Prof. Mark Po-Hung Lin
Team name: CCU EDA Route

Second Place of Problem B
Chia-Cheng Pai, Yu-Cheng Pai, Jing-Syuan Huang–National Taiwan University
Advisor: Prof. Yao-Wen Chang, Prof. Chien-Mo James Li, Prof. Jie-Hong Roland Jiang, Prof. Chung-Ping Charlie Chen
Team name: DoublePai

Third Place of Problem B
Guan-Qi Fang, Yong Zhong, Yi-Hao Cheng–National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Advisor: Prof. Shao-Yun Fang
Team name: SYFisGod

First Place of Problem C
Ziran Zhu, Yuhang Chen, Ye Huang, Xingquan Li–Fuzhou University
Advisor: Prof. Jianli Chen, Prof. Wenxing Zhu, Prof. Genghua Fan
Team name: C_TI

Second Place of Problem C
Shih-Wei Hsieh, Shao-Chun Hung–National Taiwan University
Advisor: Prof. Yao-Wen Chang
Team name: ColdNoodle

Third Place of Problem C
Renan Netto, Tiago Augusto Fontana, Sheiny Fabre, Thiago Barbato, Chrystian
Guth–Federal University of Santa Catarina
Advisor: Prof. Jose Luis Guntzel, Prof. Laercio Lima Pilla
Team name: Ophidian

Honorable Mention of Problem C
Tai-Ting Chen, You-Lun Deng, Yi-Wen Wang–National Cheng Kung University
Advisor: Prof. Jai-Ming Lin
Team name: NCKU_95416

Honorable Mention of Problem C
Tilman Horst, Andreas Krinke, Steve Bigalke, Robert Fischbach, Arthur Nothdurft, Sergii Osmolovskyi, Mohamed Sabra, Matthias Thiele–Dresden University of Technology
Advisor: Prof. Jens Lienig
Team name: TU Dresden

Honorable Mention of Problem C
Haocheng Li, Wing-Kai Chow, Gengjie Chen–The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Advisor: Prof. Evangeline F. Y. Young, Prof. Bei Yu
Team name: RippleLG

Please accept our heartiest congratulations!!

Call for participation

    The 2017 CAD Contest at ICCAD is a challenging, multi-month, research and development competition, focusing on advanced, real-world problems in the field of Electronic Design Automation. The contest is open to multi-person teams world-wide. Contest-ants can participate in one or more problems in the three areas of logic synthesis, global routing, and placement legalization. For more information, including registration details, detailed problem descriptions, and contest rules, please refer to the official contest website: http://cad-contest-2017.el.cycu.edu.tw/CAD-contest-at-ICCAD2017/index.html

    Since its inaugural year of 2012, the CAD Contest at ICCAD has been a worldwide competition, conducted with joint sponsorship from IEEE CEDA and the Ministry of Education (MOE), Taiwan. Over the years, the contest has presented challenging problems and real-world benchmarks in varied topic areas while fostering productive industry-academia collaboration. In the past four years, the contest has witnessed a progressive increase in worldwide participation: 56 teams from 7 regions in 2012, 87 teams from 9 re-gions in 2013, 93 teams from 9 regions in 2014, 112 teams from 12 regions in 2015, and 135 teams from 11 regions in 2016. Each year winners are awarded at an ICCAD special session dedicated to this contest. Thus far, it has led to more than 95 publications in top-tier conferences and journals, which have undoubtedly boosted EDA research and extended the impact of the contest.


Contest Problems

Problem A: Resource-aware Patch Generation

Problem B: Net Open Location Finder with Obstacles

Problem C: Multi-Deck Standard Cell Legalization

Tentative Conctest Schedule

  1. Call for participation: February 01, 2017

  2. Official website open: February 6, 2017

  3. Problem description announcement: February 06, 2017

  4. Registration deadline: May 03, 2017 May 25, 2017

  5. Alpha test submission: June 07, 2017 June 25, 2017

  6. Beta test submission: July 26, 2017
    Porblem A,B August 1, 2017
    Problem C August 9, 2017

  7. Submission deadline: August 31, 2017 11:59 PM CST, Sept 10, 2017

  8. Award ceremony: November 2017 (at ICCAD)


The contest winners will receive monetary awards (students only) and certificates.

Award Team Adevisor
1st PlaceOne
One team for each topic
  1. Certificate of 1st Place
  2. NTD 50,000/team
    (approx. US$ 1650)
Certificate of 1st Place
2nd Place /3rd Place
Two teams for each topic
  1. Certificate of 2nd/ 3rd Place
  2. NTD 30,000/team
    (approx. US$ 1000)
Certificate of 2nd/ 3rd Place
  1. For each team, the recipient of monetary award must be a student.
  2. The amount of monetary award in US dollars fluctuates slightly due to currency variation.
  3. According to the law in Taiwan, 10% of the monetary award will be deducted if the recipient is a Taiwanese taxpayer, whereas it is 20% if the recipient is a non-Taiwanese taxpayer.
  4. We reserve the right to change the number of prize winners.

Other Information

  1. For all inquires, please send an email to: cad.contest.iccad@gmail.com
  2. Please add "ICCAD2017_Contest" to the subject line for any emails regarding the contest.
  3. All updates will be announced on the official contest website: http://cad-contest-2017.el.cycu.edu.tw/CAD-contest-at-ICCAD2017/

  4. Archived website for the 2016 CAD contest at ICCAD: http://cad-contest-2016.el.cycu.edu.tw/


1. Contest chair:

    Myung-Chul Kim (IBM Corp., USA)

2. Contest co-chairs:

    Shih-Hsu Huang (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan)

    Rung-Bin Lin (Yuan Ze University, Taiwan)

    Shigetoshi Nakatake (The University of Kitakyushu, Japan)

3. Topic chairs:

    Problem A: Chih-Jen (Jacky) Hsu, Chi-An (Rocky) Wu and Ching-Yi Huang (Cadence Design Systems Inc., Taiwan)

    Problem B: Cindy Shen and Kai-Shun Hu (Synopsys Taiwan Co., Ltd., Taiwan)

    Problem C: Ismail Bustany (Mentor Graphics), Nima Karimpour Darav (Microsemi Corporation) and Andrew Kennings (University of Waterloo)


IEEE CEDA (Financial sponsorship)

Ministry of Education, Taiwan (Financial sponsorship)

Taiwan IC Design Society (TICD) (Financial sponsorship)

Synopsys, Inc. (Financial sponsorship)

Cadence, Inc. (Financial sponsorship)

MediaTek, Inc. (Financial sponsorship)

National Chip Implementation Center, Taiwan (Technical Sponsorship)